The “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud, established in 1998, provides an alternative approach to contemporary art. It acts as a liaison between civilizations and cultures, and provides an arena for worldwide contemporary artists. The basic principles and goals are: the representation of contemporary art, the discovery of an area of cultural interference between Romanian artists and artists from around the world, and the organization of an international artcamp in Aiud, which is designed to bring a fresh perspective on the contemporary art scene every year.

The international artcamp in Aiud, which was created in 1996 thanks to the initiative of the visual artist Ştefan Balog, has joined over 200 artists from 53 countries over the last 17 years. The workshops (painting, graphics, engraving, sculpture, photographic and video art, installations, exhibitions organized during themed workshops and symposiums, etc.) have made the event one of the most important creation camps in the world. For seven years now, an international youth creation camp has been hosted during the event. This camp was created for young people aged 12 to 16 and has gathered in the Aiud creation camps more than 100 young artists from 7 countries: Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud held exhibitions with artworks performed in the “Inter-Art” international projects:
February 2001 – a review of the Aiud camps covering 51 works from 21 countries held at the Romanian Literature Museum in Bucharest (Romania).
March 2001 – the first Romanian art exhibition held in Bombay (India), featuring 30 works from 10 Romanian artists .
June 2001 – exhibition of the Aiud camps held at the Naval Museum in Istanbul (Turkey).
October 2003 – Romanian art exhibition at the “Atelier the Artists” Gallery in Cairo (Egypt).
December 2003 – an international exhibition at the “Shagun” Gallery and a personal exhibition signed by Stefan Balog at the “Artists Centre” in Bombay (India).
October 2008 – a large-scale retrospective exhibition at Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars in Washington DC, presenting 43 artists from 21 countries and regions.
March – April 2009 – “Freedom and Art Without Borders,”.the largest visual arts exhibition, held at the UN headquarters in New York, bringing together 53 artists from 32 countries from all continents
June 2009 – “Inter-Art “exhibition within the “Visual Arts Spring” event in Rabat, Morocco, which promoted artists who participated at the Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics “Inter-Art” Aiud from Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Cuba, Switzerland, India, Japan, Finland, Serbia, Poland, Macedonia, Great Britain, Mexico, Greece, USA, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania. Also, the project of the visual arts artist Yasemin Yilmaz from Germany: “Globalisation- Connection- Time: 6 continents, 12 artists, 1 day”.
November 2009 – “Inter-Art” international exhibition in old Europe at the “Time Gallery” Vienna (Austria) comprising 55 artists from 23 countries from all over the globe, accompanied by a music performance by the Melodis Folk Group.
May 2011 – two international exhibitions at Vichy and Chatel Montagne in France.
September 2011 – honoured a second invitation from United States presenting two exhibitions: in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, a retrospective of the International “Inter-Art” artcamps; and at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Washington, D.C., a retrospective of the Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics.

The event in Vienna wraps up an artistic triptyque in memory of the martyrs of the Romanian Revolution and of all those who sacrificed themselves for Freedom. The contemporary art and freedom triptyque opened, symbolically, at the UN headquarters in New York (USA), before continuing on African land in Rabat/Sale (Morocco) and ending on European soil, in Vienna (Austria), one of the biggest capitals of contemporary art.

In May 2008, the Foundation organized the “Prison Art” Camp, which took place in the Maximum Security Prison in Aiud, with the participation of 10 visual artists from Austria, Haiti, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, along with 7 imprisoned people.

Between 2007-2008, in Alba Iulia, the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud was  partner, along with Jidvei Company, in organizing two editions of the Wine Art International Graphic Artcamp (the cultural and artistic refinement of the label on the bottle of wine) at which 20 artists from 9 countries participated.

The Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics gathered on the exhibitional stands during its first edition in 2006, 113 artists from 24 countries from all continents and during its second edition in 2008, 92 artists from 25 countries.

The most unconventional project of the Foundation, initiated by Ioan Hadarig, is the annual  international mail art exhibition, at the opening of the “Inter-Art” International Artcmaps, starting from a given theme: 1998 -”The Theater, the Painting and the Word”, 2000 – “Challenge”, 2002 – “Inter-Art”, 2003 – “EU-Ro”, 2004 – “Hamlet”, 2004 – “Mumbai As You Know”, 2005 – “10″, 2006 – “Nud-Art”, 2007 – “People & Culture”, 2008 – “Art & Environment”, 2009 – “Liberty”, 2010 – “The Portrait”, 2011 – “Imaginaire and Illusion”, 2011 – “Connections”, 2012 – “2012”, 2012 – “Ex Libris in the XXIth century”, 2012 – “Chiru – the painter of the human soul”.

Other projects initiated by the “Inter-Art” Foundation: 1999 – 2000 – “Trance Mixion” concert (computer music) with Sorin Anca and Robert Lixandru; 2001 – “Aiud nights” music festival; the “International Humour Festival” (under the patronage of Stefan Popa Popas); the “International Artistic Photography and Documentaries Festival”; the “Inter-Art Magazine” (from May 2003); albums, books, catalogues etc.

In spring 2000, at the initiative of the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud and by the decision of the Local Council, Aiud municipality received the title “City of Arts” as recognition for the important artistic events which took place there. In August 2000, at the final exhibition of the 5th “Inter-Art” International Artcamp, the “Inter-Art” Galleries were inaugurated; a place promoting contemporary art, artistic value, and encouraging young visual artists.

The 10th edition of the International “Inter-Art” Artcamp is celebrated with the opening of the “Inter-Art Contemporary Art Museum” Aiud, gathering 500 visual art works created by visual artists from over 50 countries.

During April  and May 2010, the 54th edition of the Bourbonnaise Art Exhibition took place in Vichy (France). The “Inter-Art” Foundation  Aiud was a special guest. It was the first foreign foundation invited to exhibit there, and it received the cultural medal of the Vichy municipality in France.

The “Inter-Art” Foundation has contacts with similar organisations and artists from 52 countries. It has signed partnership agreements with “Bethlen Foundation” Gyomaendrod (Hungary), “Design Bureau Foundation” Bombay (India), AMAC (Morocco), “Nazareth Association” Alba-Iulia (Romania) and “Aparte Association” Cluj Napoca (Romania).

In 2004, a partnership agreement with the City Hall Aiud and the “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud was signed, and in 2005 a partnership agreement was concluded with the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO.

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