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Fundaţia Inter-Art Foundation Aiud, Romania
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“Inter-Art “Foundation Aiud, Romania
“Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud, Romania :: Alba County Council, Romania :: City Hall - Local Council Aiud, Romania :: "Augustin Bena" Center of Culture Alba
in partnership with the “Echanges & Partage” Association France

Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics
“Inter-Art” Aiud, Romania

Vth edition, November 21-22th, 2014

The “Inter-Art” Foundation and the „Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud are organising in 2014 the fifth edition of the “Inter-Art” Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics, in Aiud.

The Biennial inaugurates a new tradition in Aiud, so as to illustrate its title of CITY OF ARTS. Furthermore, this Biennial is one of its kind, if we think about what intercontinental means, as the organizers are counting on the participation of artists from all the continents and decided to break down the event into four segments representing four geographical areas, comprising all the continents: Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Four exhibitions will be organised in four different locations in November 21th - 22th, 2014.

Participation conditions
The works accepted are:
    • original prints (aquaforte, dry point, colography, linocut, xylography, litography etc.)
    • original drawings, monotipy, etc
    • computer prints (print sent by snail mail, signed in orriginal)

Please specify in the application the section for which you are sending your work.

Maximal dimension accepted:  A4 (21 x 30 cm | 8,26 x 11,80 inch)

The works are to be sent unframed to the following address:
     Fundaţia „Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud / Ştefan Balog
     515200 - Aiud,  C.P. 40 / Alba, Romania
    We accept ONLY works send like letter format (in envelope, NOT package). Specify on the envelope: No commercial value.

Participants have to complete the entry form that can be downloaded from www.inter-art.ro or can be requested by email at info@inter-art.ro.

The artists who will like to donate their works to the organizers will stipulate this in the application form, they will receive the printed catalogue of the biennial by post. These works will enter the patrimony of the „Inter-Art” Contemporary Art Museum in Aiud.

The artists who don’t want to donate neither of their works will specify this in the application form, they will receive the catalogue of the biennial in digital format by email.

The works are to be returned upon the artist’s request one calendar year after the opening of the Biennial. The exhibition will travel to several locations in Romania throughout this period.

Application deadline: October 1st 2014, 12:00 AM (arrival date of the works)

A jury will grant the „Inter-Art” Special Prize, as well as prizes for the  I-st, II-nd and III-rd place.
The organisers have the right to publish the works entering the exhibition.

Additional information:
   tel. 004-0723-969911

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