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“Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud
The “Inter-Art” Foundation Was set up in 1998, for a better organization of the “Inter-Art” International Artcamp - one of the Foundation’s main activities.

The first International Artcamp Aiud was organized in 1996, on the basis of a partnership with a similar camp from Gyomaendröd, a Hungarian sister town. The initiator and leader of the camp was Stefan Balog, an artist from Aiud, now the foundation’s president. The Aiud City Hall pledged its support and acted as a co-organizer of the events from the International Artcamp’s initial debut. With 8 participant countries, the camp had a most promising starting point. In its 10 yearsof existence, the camp gathered together 158 artists from 33 countriesrepresenting 5 continents. It succeded to be renowned nationally and internationally, thanks to thelarge number of participant countries, and to its diversified sections such as painting, sculpture, engraving, drawing, photo-video, installation, fashion design, and to its complex program.

Combining the free creation program with debates, symposiums and trips, the “Inter-Art” International Artcamp, Aiud is at the top of similar camps in Romania, and is also one of the most complex artcamps of its kind in Eastern Europe.

On the third edition of the camp, an International Mail Art exhibition was organized at the initiative of Ioan Hadarig - the foundation’s art director - having the theme “Theatre, painting and word”. Artists from 15 countries participated in this event. Now it has become a tradition to organize international Mail Art shows every year, during the camp.

On the fourth edition, the “Trance Mixion I ‘99” open air concert was included in the program. A regional premiere,the Trance Mixion was organized and performed by Sorin Anca (DJ Styx - Dachau, Germany) and Robert Lixandru (DJRobilix - Aiud, Romania), members in the foundation’s Executive Committee.

In August 2001, the AIUDEAN EVENINGS concert series was inaugurated.

At the initiative and thanks to the endeavors of the “Inter-Art” Foundation, the spring of 2000 brings to the city of Aiud a well -deserved appreciation, as the city received the title THE CITY OF ARTS .

In August 2000, with the ending of the 5th artcamp, the “Inter-Art” Galleries were inaugurated. Being under the administration of the “Inter-Art” Foundation, these galleries have a permanent character, willing to promote true value and to encourage especially young artists.

In February 2001, a big retrospective exhibition of the artcamp was held in Bucharest, in the Gallery of the Romanian Literature Museum. The second retrospective exhibition was organized in June 2001 at the Naval Museum in Istanbul (Turkey).

In March 2001, the “Inter-Art”Foundation organized the first Romanian Art exhibition in Bombay (India), under the title “10 Transylvanian Artists”. The Foundation also displayed a Romanian Art exhibition in Cairo (Egypt) in October 2003; and in December 2003, an international art exhibition and Stefan Balog’s personal exhibition were put together in Bombay (India).

Since 1998, international Mail Art Exhibitions have been organized on a yearly basis during the artcamps.

The “Inter-Art” Foundation has published several books so far, the first issue of the “Inter Art” magazine was edited in May 2003.

As a result of the camp’s success, the Cultural Centre in Salzburg (Austria) contacted the City Hall in Aiud and the camp’s Executive Committee and collaborated to the organisation of this event for two years in a row. The “Inter-Art” Foundation (the main organiser) and the Cultural Centre in Salzburg will elaborate a common program for future artistic activities.

The “Inter-Art” Contemporary Art Museum was inaugurated in Aiud at the end of the X-th edition of the camp.

At present, the “Inter-Art” Foundation has contacts with artists and similar organizations in more then 50 countries. Agreements were signed in July 2000 with the “Bethlen” Foundation in Gyomaendröd (Hungary), in March 2001 with the “Design Bureau” Association in Bombay (India), in November 2001 with the “Nazareth” Association in Alba Iulia (Romania), in September 2002 with the “Aparte” Association in Cluj Napoca(Romania), in 2004 with the “NO LIMITS” Association in Aiud. In June 2004, a Partnership Agreement was signed with the City Hall and the “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Centre in Aiud. In August 2005, the National Comission of Romania for UNESCO became the Foundation’s partner.

As a consequence of 4 years of excellent collaboration with the National Comission of Romania for UNESCO, a partnership contract for future collaboration was signed in August 2005.

One of the “Inter-Art” Foundation’s main objectives is to seek out for new connections and to strenghten the already existing bonds.

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