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Fundaţia Inter-Art Foundation Aiud, Romania
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Ioan Hadarig
director artistic al Fundatiei “Inter-Art” / art director of the “Inter-Art” Foundation

Inter-art s-a constituit intr-un fenomen normal pentru unii, inexplicabil pentru altii. Multi ar fi vrut ca el sa existe, multi ar fi vrut sa nu existe. Cei dintai 11 critica admirativ, cei din urma il lauda.

Fenomenul inter-art are la baza cateva repere "clasice": implicarea de-a lungul timpului a unor tineri constienti ca pot trai doar intr-o lume cu care trebuie sa se identifice cultural; implicarea constienta si voluntara intr-un fenomen care se zideste sub ochii nostri; un fenomen in care zidim idealuri si speranta; un fenomen in care zidim, din cand in cand, propria existenta; un fenomen prin care (re)definim arta si cultura. Arta si cultura ca un spatiu al existentei de zi cu zi, arta si cultura ca act al valorii umane.

Dincolo de sabloane am imbratisat, noi cei din Inter-art, valoarea artistica. Am respectat omul, artistul si am promovat arta. Am creat impreuna un spatiu cultural propriu, mai presus de reperele conventionale: etnie, religie, sex... Am creat si incurajat un singur reper, acela al fenomenului alternativ.

Inter-art-ul ramane un fenomen unic prin dimensiunea sa artistica si umana. Inter-art-ul ramane un fenomen in care artistul si arta traiesc dincolo de barierele timpului. Inter-art-ul ramane un fenomen alternativ.

loan Hădărig

Inter-art has been assessed, ever since its creation, as a perfectly normal phenomenon by some, and inexplicable by others. Many would have wanted that it didn't exist from the beginning, and many wished for it to be created. The former criticize it under a veil of admiration, and the latter praise it constantly.

The "Inter-Art" phenomenon stands on a few "classical" landmarks: the involvement, along the years, of a few young' people aware of the fact that they could only live in a world they could identify themselves culturally with; the conscious and voluntary involvement in something that is evolving under our very eyes; a phenomenon in which we are placing our hopes and ideals, or even our own existence, from time to time, and a phenomenon through which we (re)define art and culture. Ait and culture seen as space of our daily existence and as an expression of al human value.

We, the members of "Inter-Art", have always welcomed artistic value. We have respected the persons, the artists and promoted art. Together we have created our own cultural space, beyond all conventional marks, such as ethnic groups, religion, gender... We have created and encouraged a unique landmark, that of an alternative phenomenon.

"Inter-Art" stands as a unique phenomenon through its artistic and human dimension. "Inter-art" remains a phenomenon in which the artist and his art will continue to live beyond the barriers of time. "Inter-art" is an alternative phenomenon.

loan Hădărig

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