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Eva Mazzucco (November 21, 1925 - January 12, 2013)  
"Inter-Art" Foundation Aiud, Homage
In the name of the Board of the “Inter-Art” Foundation we would like
to express our sincere regrets and condolences. Eva Mazzucco past away suddenly, living an empty place in the Inter-Art artist group.
We will keep Eva’s memory, and remember her forever.

Eva Mazzucco was the first honorary member of our foundation, and one of the most important artist of our group including more than 300 artists from 53 countries from all the continents. Thanks to her too the Inter-Art Artcamp was born 18 years ago and evolved year by year. Was the only artist participated from the begining in all the editions of the camp. We never forget her recommendations during the years and her deep love for Aiud and for the Inter-Art activities.

She had two solo exhibitions in Aiud during the Inter-Art art camps and many participations in group exhibitions.Permanent participant in all our mail art exhibitions and small graphic biennials. The “Inter-Art” Board kept her all the time in the main list of most valuable artists and exhibited her in all our important shows in Aiud, Cluj Napoca, Alba Iulia (Romania), Vienna (Austria), Rabat (Morocco), Washington DC, Kutztown, New York (USA).

Eva Mazzucco was a living legend during her life and will be a legend for eternity.

Our humble respect for her memory

The Board of the Inter-Art Foundation
Stefan Balog
Ioan Hădărig
art director
Robert M. Lixandru
general secretary
Zoltán Balog
Andrei Bakó
Elena Cristea
adm. director

My personal regret and deep condolence for a great loss, when one of my protectors passed in other dimensions.
Dear Eva, I will keep you in my mind and my soul and i will remember forever all your kindness and all our happy moments during the last 20 years.
Next time when i will walk again on the "Eva Mazzucco" Street in Stroble I will be alone, but with your memories in mind.

Rest in peace, dear Eva.
Stefan Balog
Eva Mazzucco in the "Inter-Art" Aiud Foundation activities (1996 - 2012)
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