”United through INTER-ART”


November 6, 2021
49 artists - 49 countries - 6 continents

A single art puzzle
under the topic

the ”Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud, Romania

”United through INTER-ART”


November 6, 2021
49 artists - 49 countries - 6 continents

Project dedicated to the lovely memory of
Aristophane Emmaüs Tsinga Massala from Gabon
(March 22, 2015-September 13, 2021)

On November 6, 2021, the Inter-Art Foundation organized an intercontinental artistic happening under the topic ”CIRCLE OF LIFE” that took place online. 49 artists from 49 countries on 6 continents participated, each making a drawing on the theme "Circle of Life", a more current theme than ever. The end result was a joint work of art, a large puzzle consisting of 49 individual drawings. The concept of this unique work was created by Anca Sas, the curator of the project.

The happening was more touching than I was expecting, seeing so many artists talking and working together was not only impressive but also heart warming. The Circle of life brought thoughts of happiness and pain to the artists, although they chose to underline the happy moments that bring us together. It was a great honour to be the curator of this happening, considering how great all the artists are. I like to think that I was an observer, I tried to not alter any opinions or discussions that were going on during the online meeting. People interacting, forming relationships that have no racial or cultural limits, that is what we as humans need during these times.” – declared Anca Sas.

"The project proposed a new challenge, during the online meeting each participant making a drawing with the theme "THE CIRCLE OF LIFE". The idea itself also has a symbolic character, a virtual workshop in which all participants worked simultaneously, regardless of geographical areas or time zone. For me personally it was an emotional event both the actual moment and the preliminary preparations during which I managed to find out about the difficult situation in some countries around the world but also the fact that I entered virtually the intimacy of some workshops and I found out details about personal aspects of the artists' lives that for some meant joy and for others sadness. Such a moment of great sadness determined us to finally dedicate this project in memory of the artist's son from Gabon, who disappeared prematurely from us very recently. But the circle of life brings hope and comfort through the wonderful works created"- said Stefan Balog, project coordinator.

poster of the event

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49 artists - 49 countries - 6 continents

Abdelnassir Khalil (Chad)
Antra Ivdra (Latvia)
Aristophane Tsinga Massala (Gabon)
Asha Dangol (Nepal)
Christine Kertz (Austria)
Constantin Migliorini (Italy)
Cuong Nguyen Tran (Viet Nam)
Dimitar Velichkov (Bulgaria)
Dragana Grujičić (Serbia)
Elson Aaron Kambalu (Malawi)
Estela Raileanu (Republic of Moldova)
Galilée Hervé Ndoma (Central African Republic)
Gerson Ipiraja (Brazil)
Gita Meh (Iran)
Gyempo Wangchuk (Bhutan)
Hagop Sulahian (Armenia)
Irena Gayatri Horvat (Croatia)
Kareem Helmy (Egypt)
Konstantinos Meramveliotakis (Greece)
Lena Kelekian Sulahian (Lebanon)
Leslie Lumeh (Liberia)
Lojze Kalinsek (Slovenia)
Margot Klingenberg (Belgium)
María Gloria Andrade Lasso (Ecuador)
Mariana Felcman (Argentina)
Mercy Moyo (Zimbabwe)
Michelle Dawson (Australia)

Nadine Jeanneton (Mauritius)
Nicola Gibbons (New Zealand)
Oriola Kureta Semenescu (Albania)
Özlem Kalkan Erenus (Turkey)
Patricia Goodrich (United States of America)
Patrick Cauvin (Haiti)
Raquel Schwartz (Bolivia)
Rich Dethlefsen (Denmark)
Ritika Anand (India)
Rodica Strugaru (Romania)
Said Zemar (Afghanistan)
Sary Nou (Cambodia)
Suelin Low Chew Tung (Grenada)
Susie Veroff (Canada)
Taanyanda Matheus (Namibia)
Tamerat Siltan (Ethiopia)
Tessa Alexander Sloane-Seale (Trinidad and Tobago)
Valentinus Rommy Iskandar (Indonesia)
Varda Breger (Israel)
Vera Staub Elsasser (Switzerland)
Viktor Anghius Locker (Germany)
Yasemin Yilmaz (Spain)

Curator: Anca Sas
Project coordinator: Stefan Balog


Fundaţia "Inter-Art", Aiud, Romania

Stefan Balog
004 0723 969911