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Inter-Art 2013 International ArtCamp
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on the participation to the XVIIIth edition of the “Inter-Art” International Art camp Aiud
Inter-Art 2013 International ArtCamp
XVIIIth edition / 10-26 august 2013

The artists who wish to attend the camp will send a portfolio made of a couple of finished artworks until the 1st of March 2013, 12:00 AM (arrival date of the map):

1. by email at
(please ask for registration confirmation after 48 hours if no response from us)

2. by mail, to:

The „INTER-ART” Foundation Aiud
515200 - Aiud, CP 40
jud. Alba, Romania

3. Bringing it in person to:
The “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Centre Aiud
Transilvaniei str. no. 35.
Aiud - 515200, jud. Alba, Romania


The portfolio will contain

The entry  form (which can be downloaded from the “Inter-Art” Foundation’s web page: www.inter-art.ro, or can be found at the “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Centre, Aiud)
• the artist’s CV;
• 5 photos of recent works (please do not send more photos).

Incomplete subscriptions / portfolios not accepted.


Camp sections

• painting;
• sculpture;
• graphic arts;



• NO participation fee;
• the artists will support their travel expences.


The artists are provided for free

• basic materials for painting, sculpture, engraving;
• accommodation and three meals a day for every artist. The organizers can provide either meals based on meat or vegetarian (no individualized menus provided).


The participants’ works

At the end of the camp, the participants will donate artworks to the organizers as follows:
- sculptors: 1 work;
- graphicians: 4 works;
- painters: 3 works;

• Each artist will be registered in his/her respective section and will have his/her works exhibited as such at the end of the camp;
• This aspect will not prevent the artists from working on other techniques during the camp;
• At the final selection of works, the jury has the right to include the participating artist in the final exhibition or not, according to the level of the works presented;
• The artists have the obligation to present for the final selection all the works created during the camp.


Participation rules :

- Only a full-time participation throughout the entire period of the camp is accepted

Artists’ arrival date: August 10th 2013. Artists’ leaving date: August 25 th 2013

- The camp’s program, the period, the list of the people invited are decided by the Board of Directors of the “Inter-Art” Foundation, Aiud;
- The number of participants is limited, according to the material and financial possibilities of the organizers;
- There is no permanent list of participants; every year a list is drafted, independently from the previous years. Our focus is to have a list made of artists from as many parts of the world as possible. There is no discrimination based on gender, age, religion, nationality or political affiliation;
- No participating artist has the status of a permanent member, but anyone can be invited twice or several times;
- When the lists of participants are formed, we take into account the artistic level of the person, his/her social behavior during the camp, the integration into the camp’s program and spirit, his/her contribution to increase the event’s artistic level. The organizers of the camp will make up the lists according to this set of criteria;
- Any artist has the possibility to forward a participation request. The organizers have the right to accept or deny this application on the grounds of the present set of regulations. The decisions taken are definitive. Contestations are not accepted and the portfolios received are not returned.
- The artists are invited in the camp, after an initial assessment of the portfolio, through an official address sent by the Board of Directors of the “Inter-Art” Foundation, Aiud. The artists have the obligation to have sent the following documents 30 days prior to the date of the beginning of the camp:

• A copy of the passport, B.I. / C.I.;
• A doctor’s certificate stating that the artist is in a good health condition, allowing him/her to travel to Romania and attend the camp (the doctor’s certificate must be written in or translated into Romanian or English);
• The doctor’s certificate must contain information about the artist’s health condition, allergies, diet, and restrictions to some specific food.

/* note: These documents can be sent by mail, in original, to the above-mentioned address, can be handed in at the “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Centre Aiud, or scanned and sent to the email address artcamp@inter-art.ro

Medical insurance is mandatory for the duration of the artist’s stay in Romania (the artist will show the insurance to the medical staff of the camp upon coming to the camp).


For further information, call 004-0723-969911 or write to: artcamp@inter-art.ro

The Foundation’s Board of Directors

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