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    Inter-Art 2023editia a XXVI-a
XXVIth edition
Inter-Art 2023

Inter-Art 2022editia a XXV-a
XXVth edition
Inter-Art 2022
  Inter-Art 2020editia a XXV-a
XXVth edition
Inter-Art 2020 / CANCELLED

Inter-Art 2019editia a XXIV-a
XXIVth edition
Inter-Art 2019
  Inter-Art 2018editia a XXIII-a
XXIIIrd edition
Inter-Art 2018

Inter-Art 2017editia a XXII-a
XXIInd edition
Inter-Art 2017
  Inter-Art 2016editia a XXI-a
XXIst edition
Inter-Art 2016

Inter-Art 2015editia a XX-a
XXth edition
Inter-Art 2015
  Inter-Art 2014editia a XIX-a
XIXth edition
Inter-Art 2014

Inter-Art 2013editia a XVIII-a
XVIIIth edition
Inter-Art 2013
  Inter-Art 2012editia a XVII-a
XVIIth edition
Inter-Art 2012

Inter-Art 2011editia a XVI-a
XVIth edition
Inter-Art 2011
  Inter-Art 2010editia a XV-a
XVth edition
Inter-Art 2010

Inter-Art 2009editia a XIV-a
XIVth edition
Inter-Art 2009
  Inter-Art 2008editia a XIII-a
XIIIth edition
Inter-Art 2008

Inter-Art 2007editia a XII-a
XIIth edition
Inter-Art 2007
  Inter-Art 2004editia a XI-a
XIth edition
Inter-Art 2006

Inter-Art 2005editia a X-a
Xth edition
Inter-Art 2005
  Inter-Art 2004editia a IX-a
IXth edition
Inter-Art 2004

Inter-Art 2003editia a VIII-a
VIIIth edition
Inter-Art 2003
  Inter-Art 2002editia a VII-a
VIIth edition
Inter-Art 2002

Inter-Art 2001editia a VI-a
VIth edition
Inter-Art 2001
  Inter-Art 2000editia a V-a
Vth edition
Inter-Art 2000

Inter-Art 1999editia a IV-a
IVth edition
Inter-Art 1999
  Inter-Art 1998editia a III-a
IIIrd edition
Inter-Art 1998

Inter-Art 1997editia a II-a
IInd edition
Inter-Art 1997
  Inter-Art 1996editia a I-a
Ist edition
Inter-Art 1996


10 ani de Tabere Internationale de Arta Plastica "Inter-Art" Aiud
    10 years of Inter-Art artcamps (1996 - 2005)
Participantii la Taberele Internationale de Arta Plastica "Inter-Art" Aiud
    Participants at the International "Inter-Art" Art Camps in Aiud (1996 - 2005)
Tarile participante la Taberele Internationale de Arta Plastica "Inter-Art" Aiud
    Participant countries to the International "Inter-Art" Art Camps in Aiud (1996 - 2005)


The "Inter-Art" Foundation Aiud was set up in 1998 as a necessity of better organization of the INTER-ART International Artcamp - one of it’s main activities.

The International Artcamp Aiud, based on the partnership with the similar camp from Gyomaendrod , a Hungarian sister town ,was first organized in 1996. The initiator and leader of the camp was Stefan Balog, fine artist from Aiud,now the president of the foundation. The Aiud City Hall pledged its support and acted as a co-organizer of the manifestation from International Artcamp’s initial debut. With 8 participant countries the camp had a promising beginning. In 9 years of existence the camp reunited 127 artists from 30 countries represented 5 continents. Succeded to create an image nationally and internationally thanks to the large number of participant countries, diversified sections such as ( painting , sculpture, engraving , drawing, photo – video, installation,fashion design) and it’s complex program.

Combining the free creation program with debates, symposiums and trips, the INTER-ART International Artcamp Aiud is at the top of similar camps in Romania, and is also one of the most complex camp of it’s kind in Eastern Europe.

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