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Inter-Art Foundation Aiud, Romania
Inter-Art Foundation Aiud, Romania
“New Arts Program” Gallery
Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA
The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Washington, D.C., USA
partners partners
Romanian Minstry of Culture and National Heritage
Romanian Embassy in USA - Washington, D.C.
Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN - New York
County Council Alba, Romania
Liviu Rebreanu Cultural Center Aiud, Romania
Saint Stephen of Hungary Parish, New York
Romanian Minstry of Culture and National Heritage
Romanian Embassy in USA - Washington, D.C.
Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN - New York
County Council Alba, Romania
Liviu Rebreanu Cultural Center Aiud, Romania
Saint Stephen of Hungary Parish, New York
freedom and art - without border
intercontinental connections
retrospecitve of the international "inter-art" artcamps
aiud, romania
retrospecitve of the intercontinental biennial of small graphics
"inter-art" aiud, romania

Photo gallery / Galerie foto photos by Robert Lixandru / www.fotolix.ro
James Carroll Gallery Live at NAP Connections
Official opening of the exhibition Visiting artists, galleries
gallery gallery gallery gallery

Preparing the works Preparing the exhibition / Works Official opening of the exhibition Washington
gallery gallery gallery gallery

New York  
WTC 11 september 2011 Meeting the representative of the
Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN
New York
gallery gallery gallery

Video gallery / Galeria video
Live at Berks Community TV with James Carroll (NAP Connections)

About the project in the press / Despre proiect in presa
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Albaiulianul / 29 sept. 2011
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kulone.com / 9 sept. 2011
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Ziarul Unirea / sept. 2011
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Ambasada Romaniei SUA / sept. 2011
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CityNews.ro / 23 sept. 2011
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Opening Reception, Friday, September 9, 2011
“New Arts Program” Gallery Kutztown
6:00 - 9:00 pm
Opening Reception, Friday, September 16, 2011
Woodrow Wilson Center, 4th floor
4:00 - 5:30 pm
This exhibition will feature works from artists
representing 26 different countries.

The exhibition will be on display at the “New Arts Program” Gallery
until October 30, 2011. It is open for public viewing
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

For directions to the “New Arts Program” Gallery
please visit our website at www.napconnection.com

This exhibition will feature works from artists
representing 33 different countries.

The exhibition will be on display at the Woodrow Wilson Center
until November 16, 2011. It is open for public viewing
from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.

For directions to the Woodrow Wilson Center,
please visit our website at www.wilsoncenter.org

Participants Participants
Alexandru Iuga (Romania)
Ana Zoe Pop (Romania )
Andor Komives (Romania)
Andrei Bako (Romania)
Angela Tomaselli (Romania)
Chiru Chakravarty (India)
Christiana Iliopoulou (Greece)
Cristina Senesan (Romania)
Dimitar Velichkov (Bulgaria)
Dorel Gaina (Romania)
Elena Pomar (Mexico)
Elsa Martini (Albania)
Eva Mazzucco (Austria)
Fabrizio Pavolucci (Italy)
Georgiana Cozma (Romania)
Gerd Messman (Germany)
Helen Hume (Australia)
Horvath Gyongyver (Romania)
Ioan Hadarig (Romania)
Jacek Cichon (Poland)
Jyrki Markkane (Finland)
Kouki Tsuritani (Japan)
Lojze Kalinsek (Slovenia)
Maria Cristina Onet (Romania)
Marianne Knipe (USA)
Milos Djordjevic (Serbia)
Mountassir Chemao (Morocco)
Norman Mc Beath (United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland )
Oleg Nedoshytko (Ukraine)
Ozlem Kalkan Erenus (Turkey)
Patricia Goodrich (USA)
Patrick Cauvin (Haiti)
Perla Bajder (Argentina)
Robert Lixandru (Romania)
Stefan Balog (Romania)
Szocs Andrea (Hungary)
Talal Moualla (United Arab Emirates)
Teodor Buzu (Czech Republic)
Thaier Helal (Syrian Arab Republic)
Yasemin Yilmaz (Germany)
Zoltan Balog (Romania)
Alexandru Jakabhazi (Romania)
Alicia De La Campa Pak (Cuba)
Ana Zoe Pop (Romania)
Andrei Bako (Romania)
Anna Maria Coelho (Brazil)
Antonio Alexander Puri (India)
Asraf Abbas El Hady (Egypt)
Baptiste Verdoliva (France)
Corina Nani (Romania)
Cristiana Iliopolos (Greece)
Cristina Budusan (Romania)
Cristina Senesan (Romania)
Dorothea Fleiss (Germany)
Elena Cristea (Romania)
Erkin Keskin (Turkey)
Eva Mazzucco (Austria)
Geza Nemeth (Slovakia)
Giuseppe Strano Spitu (Spain)
Gujuman Uliana (Republic of Moldova)
Horvath Gyongyver (Romania)
Ioan Hadarig (Romania)
Jun Sato (Japan)
Kai Tee (New Zeeland)
Keshav Malla (Nepal)
Lew Minter (USA)
Lojze Kalinsek (Slovenia)
Lupascu Modesta (Romania)
Marcin Bialas (Poland)
Margot Klingenberg (Belgium)
Maria Cristina Onet (Romania)
Marian Trutulescu (Romania)
Marianne Knipe (USA)
Mauricio Vega Vivas (Mexico)
Mihaela Bako (Romania)
Milos Djordjevic (Serbia)
Mountassir Chemao (Morocco)
Patricia Goodrich (USA)
Patrick Cauvin (Haiti)
Perla Bajder (Argentina)
Peter Sharrock (Australia)
Petra Jovanovska (Czech Republic)
Pirjo Heino (Finland)
Popa Silvia (Romania)
Rashed Kamal Russell (Bangladesh)
Ritok Lajos (Hungary)
Robert Lixandru (Romania)
Shefquet Avdus Emini (Netherlands)
Simionescu Atena (Romania)
Stefan Balog (Romania)
Szekely Rafan Lucian (Romania)
Szucs Eniko (Romania)
Temenuga Hristova (Bulgaria)
Zoltan Balog (Romania)


Founded in 1974, the New Arts Program, Inc. is a non-profit educational art resource library, museum and exhibition space dedicated to providing a forum for the public to interact with today’s most provocative, unique and insightful artists. The core of the NAP are the two-day residencies with 12 one hour sessions set aside for the visiting artist to meet individually with a person in the community for a one-to-one conversation. Each presentation/performance or exhibition includes public dialogue and a booklet which include reproductions and a dialogue with the artist. Contemporary art performances and exhibitions are held in a relaxed, low tech , professional setting.

Additional programs include twice monthly, live, one hour long cable television programs; the William Zimmer Art Reference library; 1,200 archived programs; Limited Print Editions; Live on Paper: book form editions; Writing and Understanding Art Criticism forum; Literary Journal and other publications.

Founder and director, James Carroll is an exhibiting artist, a retired professor of Fine Arts who hunts for artists whose work makes him “feel uncomfortable.” He is pleased to have an opportunity to exhibit the works by 41 international artists from the “Inter-Art” Foundation.


The Woodrow Wilson Center Arts Committee was created in 2002 in order to highlight and display works of art from around the world. The Art Committee, chaired by Maria-Stella Gatzoulis, receives and reviews requests for hosting exhibitions at the Wilson Center and then schedules and organizes the exhibits.

Each exhibition opens with a reception at which Wilson Center staff, scholars, interns, and outside guests are invited to view the artwork on display. Works are typically displayed on the 4th and 5th floors of the Wilson Center, for about one month, although the time period may vary according to the needs of the artist.

Artists include Wilson Center staff, scholars, and special guests associated with the Center and its programs. Some themes of past exhibitions have included lacquer paintings depicting scenes from Vietnam and South Asia; paintings by contemporary artists from St. Petersburg, Russia; photographs of official monuments in Washington, D.C.; nature photographs from the Chesapeake Bay and other parts of the United States; and photographs depicting Moroccan life.

In September 2011 the „Inter-Art” Foundation from Aiud (Romania) will organize 2 important international exhibitions in the U.S.A.

At september 9 an international art exhibition will be organized at the New Arts Program Gallery, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The show will represent a synthesis of the INTER-ART exhibition presented in march 2009 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. 41 artists from 26 countries will be exhibited.

Accepting a new invitation to exhibit at the „Woodrow Wilson” Center for Scholars -W ashington, D.C. at september 16, 2011 the INTER-ART Foundation will present an international small graphic collection of 54 artists from 33 countries from all the continents, participants in the Intercontinental INTER-ART Biennial.

The purpose of the projects
- to promote the universal contemporary art through the value of participants and the large number of participating countries.
- the contact with a large number of art loving audience,directly or through news media.
- to promote the romanian art through the romanian artists participating in the exhibition.
The target group will be represented from the directly involved artists as well as the different persons who wants to get involved as contributors or art consumers.

Target group
- The exhibited artists and all the persons who will be involved as collaborators
- Art lovers and the direct public of the show
- Through the exhibition catalogue and mass media all represented country will receive informations regarding the project.

Expected results
One of the main objectives of the Inter Art Foundation is to organize large international projects. This exhibition will be part of series manifestations through which during the years many artists with international value took part and participated at the Inter Art Artcamp.We organized international exhibitions with over 30 represented countries in Cluj Napoca, Bucharest (Romania), Gyomaendrod(Hungary), Istanbul(Turkey),Bombay (India), Washington,DC (U.S.A.). The exhibition from United Nations Headquarters NEW YORK was the greatest achievement so far, was the unique posibility to exhibit in a high level space in one of the most important city of the world.

eng “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud, Romania

The "Inter-Art" phenomenon stands on a few "classical" landmarks: the involvement, along the years, of a few young people aware of the fact that they could only live in a world they could identify themselves culturally with; the conscious and voluntary involvement in something that is evolving under our very eyes; a phenomenon in which we are placing our hopes and ideals, or even our own existence, from time to time, and a phenomenon through which we (re)define art and culture.

"Inter-Art" stands as a unique and alternative phenomenon through its artistic and human dimension, in which the artist and his art will continue to live beyond the barriers of time.

Ioan Hãdãrig / art director of the “Inter-Art” Foundation

eng Fundaţia "Inter-Art" Aiud, Romania

Inter-art s-a constituit într-un fenomen normal pentru unii, inexplicabil pentru alţii. Mulţi ar fi vrut ca el să existe, mulţi ar fi vrut să nu existe. Cei dintâi îl critică admirativ, cei din urmă îl laudă.

Fenomenul inter-art are la bază câteva repere „clasice”: implicarea de-a lungul timpului a unor  tineri conştienţi că pot trăi doar într-o lume cu care trebuie să se identifice cultural; implicarea conştientă şi voluntară într-un fenomen care se zideşte sub ochii nostri; un fenomen în care zidim idealuri şi speranţă; un fenomen în care zidim, din când în când, propria existenţă; un fenomen prin care (re)definim arta şi cultura. Arta şi cultura ca un spaţiu al existenţei de zi cu zi, arta şi cultura ca act al valorii umane.

Dincolo de şabloane am îmbrăţişat, noi cei din Inter-art, valoarea artistică. Am respectat omul, artistul şi am promovat arta. Am creat împreună un spaţiu cultural propriu, mai presus de reperele convenţionale: etnie, religie, sex... Am creat şi încurajat un  singur reper, acela al fenomenului alternativ.
Inter-art-ul rămâne un fenomen  unic prin dimensiunea sa artistică şi umană. Inter-art-ul rămâne un fenomen în care artistul şi arta trăiesc dincolo de barierele timpului. Inter-art-ul rămâne un fenomen alternativ.

Ioan Hădărig / director artistic / Fundaţia "Inter-Art" Aiud

eng Inter Art Foundation started the “art camp” project in a post-communist Romania, in need for communication and exchange of artistic experience. The artists invited in Aiud, a small Transylvanian town, had the opportunity to share their cultural background and their ideas, during two weeks of creating together in a common “studio”. The effect was enhanced by everyday symposiums under the common name “Art in your country”, where they were invited to present their history, art history but also the contemporary art of their country.

The results of the project, the artistic products, were promoted in Romania and abroad, in several exhibitions organized by the Inter Art Foundation. The organizers tried to select the most representatives artists, invited in Aiud, from Romania but also U.S.A, Germany, Bulgaria, Morocco, Haiti, Albania, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Greece, Slovenia, Egypt and many other countries from all over the world.

The diversity of styles, materials, artistic genres and, also, of the various messages behind each work gathered in one exhibition, can offer a complex image of the contemporary art scene in all its diversity, promoted by the Romanian foundation.

Ioana Savu Gruiţă / Art Historian

eng Fundaţia Inter Art a început proiectul Tabăra Internaţională de Artă, Inter Art, Aiud, într-o Românie post-comunistă, aflată într-o acută nevoie de comunicare şi de schimburi de experienţe artistice. Artiştii invitaţi la Aiud, un mic oraş transilvănean, au avut oportunitatea de a împărtăşii pe parcursul a două săptămâni,  propriul context cultural şi propriile idei printr-un proces de „creaţie-împreună” într-un spaţiu-atelier comun. Efectul a fost amplificat prin simpozioanele organizate în fiecare zi, sub numele „Arta din ţara ta”, unde artişti participanţi au fost invitaţi să prezinte aspecte din istoria, istoria de arta dar şi o selecţia a creaţiilor contemporane din ţara lor.

Rezultatul acestui proiect, creaţiile artistice, au fost promovate în România şi în străinătate, prin numeroase expoziţii organizate de fundaţia Inter Art. Organizatorii acestor manifestări artistice au încercat să selecteze cele mai reprezentative lucrări ale artiştilor invitaţi la Aiud, din România dar şi din Statele Unite, Germania, Bulgaria, Maroc, Haiti, Albania, Polonia, Ungaria, Serbia, Austria, Grecia, Slovenia, Egipt şi multe alte ţări din toată lumea.

Diversitatea stilistică şi a materialelor folosite, a genurilor artistice practicate precum şi a numeroaselor mesaje ascunse în spatele fiecărei lucrări expuse în cadrul acestei expoziţii, oferă imaginea complexă a scenei artistice contemporane, în toată diversitatea sa, promovată de fundaţia românească.

Ioana Savu Gruiţă / Istoric de artă

Supremia Grup LTD / www.supremia.ro
Riff Holding International / www.riff.ro
Eurosport DHS / www.dhsbike.ro
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