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inter-art 2017 youth camp
“Inter-Art“ Foundation Aiud
“Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud | City Hall - Local Council Aiud
XIth edition, 10-20 July 2017

The ‚Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud, City Hall - Aiud and the Liviu Rebreanu Cultural Center - Aiud are organizing in 2017 the XIth edition of the Youth art camp, an event going in parallel with the traditional INTER-ART International Art Camp, now at it’s XXIInd edition.

Participation conditions:

  1. We accept youngs (boys and girls) between 12-16 years old in groups of 3 participants and a tutor.
    /* We don't accept individual participation and groups without tutor.
  2. Basic knowledge and/or experience in one of the following fields required: painting, drawing, modeling.
  3. We require an average knowledge of english (for the tutors as well).
  4. Each youth shall send an aplication file that should include:
    - a curriculum vitae (in English)
    - a recommendation from an art teacher (in English)
    - 3 photos of the applicant’s own works
    - written agreement from the parent regarding the use of the participant's image and of its artworks for the purpose of promoting our project
    - please specify the prefered food type: vegetarian or normal.
  5. The participants and tutors are offered FREE accomodation and meals throughout the camp.
  6. FREE basic materials will be handed out to the participants.
  7. Travel expenses will be covered by the participants.

Each participant will donate 3-5 works created during the camp. These works will stay in the patrimony of the „Inter-Art” Foundation.

Painting, drawing, engraving and modeling courses will be held throughout the camp IN ENGLISH. Trips, cultural and entertainment programs will be present, as well. At the end of the camp, an international exhibition will be organized, displaying the works created in the camp. A camp catalogue will be designed.

ATTN: Each tutor is responsible for the members of his/her own group throughout the camp. Permanent medical assistance will be provided. Each participant must come with a medical record that should state whether he/she is healthy or what health problems the participant has. Medical insurence is mandatory. 

Deadline to apply: March 1st, 2017 12:00 AM (arrival date of the map)

The portfolio should be sent to: 

1. by email at
/* email subject: Youth Camp 2017
/** if your subscription are not confirmed in max. 4 days please request by email. Further claims are not accepted.

2. by mail, to:

The „INTER-ART” Foundation Aiud
515200 - Aiud, CP 40
jud. Alba, Romania

3. Bringing it in person to:
The “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Centre Aiud
Transilvaniei str. no. 35.
Aiud - 515200, jud. Alba, Romania

For additional information, please contact us at:
email: info@inter-art.ro
phone: 004-0723-969911
the camp regulations : descarca (50 kb) - descarca (124 kb)
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